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Why Independent

Build Your Business, Your Way.

Focus on
Your Clients

As an independent advisor, you’ll have the freedom to put the best interests of your clients first, working toward better results, higher retention rates, and more referrals.

Be an Entrepreneur

You know what your clients want and need. Build the business that you want for yourself and for your clients. Start something new, and own it.

True Service

Put behind you the days of pushing proprietary products and services. Give clients the service they need and the experience you envision for them.

Create Something Great

Rather than working to build someone else’s business, start something truly great — something you believe in and are proud of because it’s authentic and it’s yours.

Serve Your Clients, Your Way

Serve Your Clients, Your Way

When you’re limited in what you can offer your clients, you’re limited in your ability to cater to their needs and preferences. As an independent advisor, you’ll have the autonomy to decide which clients to take on, what products and services to offer them, and how to deliver those services. Ultimately, you have the potential to provide your clients with enhanced customer service and better results.

Design Custom Plans as Unique as Your Clients

Design Custom Plans as Unique as Your Clients

Your clients and their needs and circumstances are infinitely complex, and you know best how to serve them. Find the freedom and flexibility you need to efficiently and effectively help your clients pursue their unique goals. As an independent advisor, you can design truly customized plans tailored to the individual needs, goals, and preferences of each client.

Let’s Climb Higher, Together.

You’re ready. You’re ready to climb to the next level as an independent advisor, and Ridge Capital Management is equipped to help you work toward your goals while managing the day-to-day of running a successful practice. Let’s climb together. Contact us today to get started.

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